Name: Josiah Gordon Scurlock

First name: Josiah

Last name: Scurlock

Middle name: Gordon

Birth name:

Details: Charlie eventually arrived in Arizona, where he became friends with Doc Scurlock. Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock, about the same age as Bowdre, was a native of Alabama. After studying medicine in New Orleans, Scurlock headed to Mexico, where he got into an argument over a card game with a man and they both drew pistols. Although a bullet went through his mouth and out of the back of his neck, Scurlock fired back and killed the man. After that, Doc returned to the United States, where he eventually met Charlie Bowdre. Oddly enough, the two opened a cheese factory, where, according to some accounts, one of their first employees was William McCarty. In 1876, Doc and Charlie closed the cheese factory and moved to Lincoln County, New Mexico. That fall, Scurlock married Antonia Herrera and Charlie married Antonia's half-sister, Manuela Herrera, making Doc and Charlie brothers-in-law. In the image above, they are seen together, with Charlie on the left. In New Mexico, they worked as ranch hands and rode in several posses to catch and occasionally hang horse thieves and cattle rustlers, even though Scurlock had himself been accused of stealing cattle in another state. With the outbreak of the Lincoln County War in 1878, Bowdre and Scurlock joined the Tunstall-McSween side, which included, among others, Billy the Kid.

Aliases: Doc Scurlock